Friday, May 25, 2012

Weekend Recommendation: DFH 75 Minute

Another weekend recommendation is brought to you this week by Dogfish Head Brewery out of Milton, DE. Their 75 Minute IPA, until recently, was only on draft at their brewpub in Rehobeth, DE. 

 As someone who found that their 60 Minute IPA didn't have quite enough oomph, and their 90 Minute wasn't quite sessionable, I was looking forward to trying this unique blend of the two offerings.

According to the label, it is bottle conditioned with maple syrup to give it a little extra flavor. The first time I had it at a flight tasting, I really couldn't get much maple, but after securing a whole bottle and drinking it properly, it came through a little more.

The aromas are of tropical fruit and pine from the hops, and caramel from the maple syrup. The taste came through similarly with a great tropical fruit presence and a slight hint of maple syrup lingering on the palate as the hops fade out.

There was a great mouthfeel which let you know you were drinking something a little more substantial than their 60 Minute IPA, but not quite as heavy as the 90 Minute IPA. 

Dogfish Head's 75 Minute IPA really is the best of both worlds for anybody who enjoys a good craft beer. Although they are a somewhat tough to find, they are out there, and if you aren't too far from Delaware, you can always grab one straight from the source! 


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