Friday, March 9, 2012

Original C Cave Creek Chili Beer

In the past, I have written about food or beer that was so good I couldn't miss the chance to tell the world about it. Unfortunately, this is not one of those times. This beer is so repulsive and disgusting that I need to write a PSA about the vile nature of this beverage.

I first heard about Original C Cave Creek Chili Beer online in the forum posts at with the topic being "Beer You Hate the Most". It is also one of the worst ranking beers on the website as well. At this point I was so intrigued how so many could despise this beer, I vowed if I ever came across it, I would try it.

The other day at a local bar, I was picking out a 6 pack and came across the shiny gold label that caught my eye. As soon as I realized what it was, I immediately made room for it in my 6 pack. Upon checking out, someone noticed that there is a chili pepper in the bottle. I started to explain why I got it and how it was supposed to be one of the worst beers ever. That was when, to my utter shock, the cashier stood up and proclaimed that it was one of his all time favorite beers. Now I was just completely baffled by this brew and even more eager to try it.

This past weekend after having a couple other drinks to get my courage up, I cracked open the bottle and began preparing myself for the tasting. Luckily, my wife and a friend were around to try it as well. I poured about half of it in a tulip glass and my nostrils were already burning with the scent of chilies before I even got close to it. 

I was trying to reserve judgement to after the tasting so I took a big sip and let it just sit in my mouth. This beer is so incredibly potent that you can really only taste chilies and nothing else. It pretty much tasted like pure chili juice and had the spiciness to match. I have never had a beer so insanely spicy before that it didn't even taste like beer. Needless to say, the others tried it as well, and were just as repulsed but it as I was. 

In a last ditch effort to find something positive about the beer, I sampled the chili inside of it, but was greeted by a soggy spicy mess. About 75% of this beer was poured down the drain, but I felt like drinking even that much was a compliment to this novelty of a beer.

If you want to try something drastically bizarre in the beer world, this may be for you. If you want it be drinkable as well, I'm afraid your out of luck with this brew. Better luck next time.


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